99 NoveNove iSUP 10`6" Elite

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INTEGRATED SIDE FINS + CETERFINhe iSUP 10?6? is the board for every condition on any given day. Whether it be your first lesson, catching a wave, cruising on the lake, going on an adventure or simply just pure fitness, the ease
of travel and exploration will become a daily habit. It?s the perfect family board and a great way to enjoy paddling during your holidays or daily travels. A super stable inflatable paddling platform featuring extra volume and width for increased stability with convenient bungee system for transport. The 10?6? will get you anywhere you want to go.Features:? High pressure spring valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation
? Large EVA diamond grooved foot pad providing grip and comfort ? Soft carry handle
? Integrated side fins with removable center fin
? Stainless steel D-rings for tying to boats, docks, etc
? Bungee tie-down system
? Large, comfortable heavy duty backpack with extra room for gear storage.
? High pressure pump w/ gauge
? Repair Kit

10?6? 200 lt. C.A 10?6? (320cm) 30? (76cm)
4? (10cm)
2 fixed side-fins + 1 single fin