GA Sail Phantom 8.5qm C4 2018 -Testsegel-

GA Sail Phantom 8.5qm C4 2018 -Testsegel- GA Sail Phantom 8.5qm C4 2018 -Testsegel- GA Sail Phantom 8.5qm C4 2018 -Testsegel-
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Das Segel wurde bei einer Testveranstaltung gefahren und ist in einem einwandfreien Zustand!



Racing performance with ease.


Those wanting racing performance in a lighter and easier to use package.
Perfect for free racers that want the speed and power of a racing sail but don?t want to commit to the full-on racing engine we call the Vapor.

Some of the international team believe if conditions are right the Phantom is as quick as the Vapor. Some even choose the Phantom for racing and training for the tour.
It´s been carefully design to offer you that perfect balance of early planing and top end speed.
The Phantom range has less cams and less battens making it less stable at high end overpowered conditions that the Vapor is built to handle.

Tech Specs: mit dem guten Service!!!!