ION Damen Hüfttrapez Jade wine red/bright blue Gr.40/L 2018

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Line Concept

Ladies! Prepare to be pampered to the max with this beautifully constructed and technically sound harness. The JADE will tickle your taste buds with its striking colourway and sophisticated design. The elongated windsurf-specific cut has been specially created to distribute the load across the back evenly. If you're after the best, then get ready to settle into the JADE.


With the C-bar, ION introduces a new technology for spreaderbars. Two features mark the difference: the new tension lever system tightens the harness without having to change the buckle settings, therefore guaranteeing a perfect fit. This new system provides a symmetric force spread while riding and is therefore very comfortable. The C-Bar is made out of fiber re-inforced injection material instead metal, which makes it ultra lightweight.

3D Shaped Seat

Pre-shaped, 3D seat of special ION seat harnesses

Harnesses Waist Women

Size Inch CM
XS 24''-27'' 60-68
S 26''-29'' 66-73
M 28''-31'' 71-78
L 30''-33'' 76-83

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