ION Jewel Element Semidry 5.5/4.5 BZ DL black Gr.42/XL 2018

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Robust: Nylon and Supra_Tex protection.

Price Value: Entry-level suit don't have to be boring!


Sizes normal

Wetsuits Women* (Euro)

Size  Height (cm) Weight (kg) Chest (cm)
32 152-160 40-47 70-75
34 157-164 45-52 78-83
36 161-168 50-57 82-88
38 165-172 55-65 86-92
40 170-176 62-68 90-96
42 173-178 64-73 95-100
44 176-181 69-77 98-106
76 171-178 60-68 86-92
80 176-183 65-73 90-96

Line Concept

Enter into the world of ION with the JEWEL ELEMENT. The entry-level price point for the Jewel line with elaborative artwork and colours is the ultimate suit to get you started on your adventures!

Target Group

The recreational beach babe looking for a suit at a great price-performance ratio to meet her every need.


- Former Pearl
- Double Thread GBS
- Supra_Tex upgrade

Aqua-a ?

All ION Wetsuits use the new Aqua-a ? technology. Aqua-a ? is a solvent-free and completely water-based glue. We also use dope dye, which is great for the workers at the factory as there is nearly no bad smell from the glue. The difference is huge. A good step for the people behind all the great wetsuits!


All ION GBS semidry wetsuits (long arms and legs) are equipped with the Water_Gate_Plus batwing panel, placed on the back behind the zip. Its purpose is to act as a barrier against water which likes to seep into the suit via the back zip. The final touch to this feature is the glued blind-stitched seams, which are covered by extra sealing Neoprene Tape.

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