Point 7 Vario verstellbare Trapeztampen 24/30

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Vario+ Harness Lines

  • No need to take out the boom end, only 10 seconds are needed to place them on the boom
  • Thick rubber loop pull, for shortening the harness lines to achieve more power in light wind. Loop is wide to fit 3 fingers and change length in full speed position
  • Clap cleat for easy and fast lengthening of the lines. Make them longer in no time for extra comfort in stronger winds
  • The cleat requires little power to change the harness lines length
  • Lines do not swing. Easy to hook into
  • Sizes

    22-28, 24-30, 26-32, 28-34, 30-36

    Funsport-Mueller....die mit dem guten Service!!!