Unifiber Baseplate Tendon Joint Basic "universal pin"

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Baseplate Tendon Joint Basic (U-Pin)

A basic urethane Tendon base for all-round use.

Pros & Cons

  • Price point
  • Tendon joint reduces sideway movement compared to Power Joint or Boge Joint options
  • Easy to replace Tendon Joint
  • Total height greater than Pro Tendon design (slighly elevated centre-of-effort)
  • Less shock absorption than Power Joint or Boge Joint options
  • U-pin is mounted on M8 external thread, which is slightly weaker than a single moulded U-pin solution


Windsurf Baseplate Specifications

Compare Product Safety Measure Type of Joint U-Pin Construction Baseplate Height Weight (kg)

Baseplate Tendon Joint Basic (U-Pin)

Polyester Rope


8mm Thread internal

93 mm

0.3 kg

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